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RocketReach Launches New Features for Sales and Recruiting teams

Feb 8, 2024
At RocketReach, we are simplifying workflows and building the highest quality contact and company database for sales and recruiting teams. We are thrilled to announce our new Bullhorn integration, company exports feature, and that Intent Data is now available to teams on our custom plans. 

B2B Intent Data On-Demand Webinar

Learn how RocketReach with intent data can be a powerful tool for go-to-market teams looking to drive revenue for their organizations, including:

  • Using Foundry’s proprietary data co-op to identify and score potential customers who are actively seeking solutions similar to yours.
  • Searching for and targeting high value accounts in order to generate a steady stream of qualified opportunities.
  • Ensuring your brand’s content and messaging reaches the appropriate audience by targeting and connecting with key decision-makers and stakeholders at a target account.

Watch Webinar.

intent webinar on demand
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