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AI-Powered Recommendations

Unlock new networking possibilities with RocketReach’s newest feature, Recommendations. It’s exactly how it sounds – our AI algorithm recommends profiles similar to your search to uncover contacts you’ve never thought of.
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RocketReach AI-Powered Recommendations

Let Us Do The Work For You

RocketReach has harnessed both the power of contact data patterns and user patterns to deliver tailored suggestions for you. From recommended profiles of similar professional information (such as same job titles, company, or location) as your search to recommended profiles that are commonly viewed together by other users, expanding your contact list just got easier. 

By analyzing what contacts are frequently viewed together, we uncover hidden associations and trends within large datasets so that you can easily expand your contact dataset with resembling profiles. With over 46M search runs and growing, that’s a lot of information our models learn from.  

RocketReach AI-Powered Recommendations
Trusted by over 16 million users and 95% of the S&P Fortune 500

RocketReach AI-Powered Recommendations